jodiekiddquit.jpgAs the UK smoking ban draws nearer, last ditch efforts to get people to stop smoking are being pushed such as Quit's new "commitment ring" campaign. Jodie Kidd has jumped on board to be the face of the charity, modelling the ring in promo posters. The 30-year-old model quit smoking last year after two previous failed attempts.

"I went from smoking a packet a day to nothing at all but my friends and family helped me a lot. One of the main benefits is fresher clothes, hair, breath and brighter skin, which are all really important in my job. I also feel much fitter, happier and healthier," she said. [source]

The Quit rubber "commitment rings" are available for a charitable donation of £1 from all Boots stores.

Click here for more information on how to quit smoking ahead of the July 1st nation-wide ban.

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