With Wimbledon kicking off this week it seems that we are more interested in what the players are wearing than what they're actually doing on the court. According to Dollymix, images of Maria Sharapova's white tennis dress blowing in the wind was likened to Marilyn Monroe's white halter-neck dress in Some Like It Hot in today's Daily Mail.

Her appearance was also described by Reuters (a world-leading newswire) as "a white dress with frills on the bottom and wing-like ones down the back, the latest in a series of creative outfits the keen designer has worn on court." Er, righto then!

Now while I'm all for the fashion, this just seems rather ludicrous. After all, wearing a bird-like Marylin Monroe dress won't neccessarily help someone's game as I'm sure Anna Kournikova could attest to. [via Dollymix; Images: Getty]

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