ellesseamoredress.jpgWonder if we'll see this appear on the bods of Maria Sharapova or the Williams sisters at this year's Wimbledon tournament? Italian sportswear company Ellesse has discovered a way to infuse human pheromones into fabric to create a tennis dress called Amore, and no we're not kidding!

The limited edition dress which has been drenched in Phero Fragrance from Oxyvita already has a waiting list. And here's why - it is said to create a positive and sexual aura around whoever wears it, claiming that "men will find you irresistibly attractive - without knowing why." A bottle of the fragrance comes with the dress which can be reapplied at any given time to fuel the fire, so to speak. Great, so where do I sign up?

The Ellesse Amore tennis dress is available at stockists worldwide and retails at £60. For more information click here.

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