The whirlwind tour of Shrek 3 premieres all over the world have featured Cameron Diaz at her fashion best (like the "smokin' hot" column dress at the London premiere, and the Kate Moss halter dress in Madrid). What do ya'll think of her casual get-up, wind blown hair, and arm candy (once again, JT looks like he fell out of bed and crawled into clothes he found under his bed), featuring the Roman colosseum as a majestic back drop?

I feel many of us could scrounge up similar looks from our own closets, and hopefully be half as sexy as she. Who can't pull together a white tee (US$4.80), a little gray cropped jacket (US$24.80), a studded belt (US$22), skinny jeans (US$29.50), a pair of pale pumps (US$39.95), and quirky smile? Thanks Cam, for givin' us all some hope of lookin' as good as you!