2988731.jpgAlong with three new biopics of Coco Chanel, it seems that movies based on the lives of fashion designers are all the rage right now. Vivienne Westwood let it slip at the Hay Festival earlier this week that her life will also be soon adapted for the screen. She revealed that when Hollywood producer Brian Grazer came knocking on her door she didn't realise it was to make a film about her. "I just thought this Brian Grazer was coming to pick my brains for a film on fashion," she told the L.A. Times. "I'm not doing it from an ego point of view, that my life is so important but as a representative of a time that is really true and part of our culture and to show the potential of human beings. That interests me," she added.

Westwood's press office confirmed the project but couldn't reveal any further details. [source]