mossdress3.jpgNow that the initial Kate Moss hype has died down, the controversy has moved over to eBay, where some items are selling for double or triple their original retail price. I'd hate to say we're not jumping on a bandwagon, but we will actually be flogging a few of our finds on the 'bay. The difference? We won't be keeping the profits. Once we've covered our expenses, we'll be donating the proceeds of each sale to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. We chose that charity as it's the one supported by Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - which seemed an apt choice considering what we're selling.

The first item to go up for auction is the navy blue micro mini dress with the cutout neckline in a size 12. All the starting prices of our auctions will be exactly the same as the retail prices, and our P&P is £3.50 (that's less than

See the auction here