The women's wear graduates at RCA mainly created bright coloured pieces mixed in with grey knitwear. The dresses were short and tight, often with shoulder pads. There were over sized accessories including giant fabric bangles worn round the waist by Timothy James Andrews (top right). Prints were bold, bright and often clashing. There was even a slight resurgence of tie-dye.


The key autumn trends were very much present including, metallic, bright colours and the 'wet look'. There was also a lot of examples of sportswear and twisting the traditional perception to make it a more dressed up look. For example, leggings with a neon sportswear stripe as seen at Holly Fulton (top left). Fulton also picked up on the growing movement towards applique plastic. Nana Poku Asare-Boadu did an entire collection in red that featured a red head piece that lit up (bottom right).
Teerabul Songvich (bottom left) presented a tongue-in-cheek neon collection to Madonna's 'Material Girl'. The collection featured a giant diamond ring necklace, a lot of metallic and purple leather trousers.
Overall, the show provided an optimistic glimpse of the future of London's fashion.