You know the feeling, it's nearly the weekend, you want to look smart but you also want to allude to impending fun times. Hey presto, I've come up with just the thing for you lucky people, a high-waisted skirt and kooky trench mean business (kind of sexy business), with the lime sandals giving it a bit of a lift. Casual it up with a slouchy t-shirt which handily hides any bulges and matches the blue/beige tones of the outfit. Pledge your allegiance to civil rights with some Martin Luther King earrings and this discreet bag is perfect for all your fun-related accoutrements (booze, funny specs, bubbles, camera etc...). So go forth and have fun on friday! See after the jump for product links.

Let us speak tee, Urban Outfitters: $24. Martin Luther King earrings, Naughty Secretary Club: $20. High-waisted skirt, Topshop: £30. Tulip mac, Oasis: reduced to £45. Kiwi sandals, Kurt Geiger: £65.