Come on, admit it... What better way to spend a Saturday evening than parked in front of the telly to watch the fabulous and flamboyant burst out onto the world's stage for all to see? Actually I could think of at least a dozen other ways to better spend my time but that didn't stop the Eurovision Song Contest from drawing in the masses over the weekend. It is as one journalist described it today, "the only pop cultural event I can think of that appears to be completely uninfluenced by pop culture." And may I also add uninfluenced by fashion as well. Despite what may be considered in style for the time, Eurovision continues to completely ignore that and do its own thing, i.e. Scooch (the UK's entrant) and they're flight attendant garb [above, left]. Even Jean Paul Gaultier's designs couldn't save France's entry, Les Fatals Picards [above, right] according to The Telegraph's Hilary Alexander. The Fug girls would have a field day ripping these outfits to shreds, if only they were European...

Tin Man: Verka Serduchka performs her song "Dancing Lasha Tumbai Danzing" at the Eurovision finals.

L-R: Natalia Barbu of Moldova performs her song "Fight". Bosnia and Herzegovina's entrant Maria Sestic.

Winner: Serbia's entrant Marija Serifovic wins Eurovision with her song "Molitva/Prayer Welt".

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