74191083.jpgChoosing an aircraft hanger to stage his next fashion show certainly set the tone for Karl Lagerfeld's jet-star cruise collection for Chanel. With enough celebs to sink a ship, Chanel's latest collection didn't disappoint with an array of different looks from '70s hippies to glamorous fly attendants complete with aviator sunglasses. There was of course the usual Chanel branding everywhere with logos featuring on over-sized pendants, bags and and on hats. There was also an eclectic use of fabrics including satin, tweed, sequins, denim and chiffon. [Image: Getty]

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Not content to stick to the '60s trend that has swept the globe for so long, Lagerfeld changed his tune to move into the next era. '70s hippies were dotted throughout his collection with wide-leg trousers and jeans, headbands, long beads and and micro shorts.

One-piece swimsuits featured heavily in Lagerfeld's cruise collection for Chanel. Together with over-sized flipped back hats which saw a huge return in the '80s.

Colour was not exempt from Friday's show. Lagerfeld's liking for bright oranges and pinks keep the parade interesting; an extension from the classic black and white tweed suits. At the same time there was enough black, white and grey to keep the fashionistas happy. [Images: Getty]

Check out with the celebs wore as they sat in the front row at Chanel's cruise show!