burberry-11.jpgWAGs and Daniella Westbrook are all about to have their hearts broken... Burberry are to do away with their signature check pattern. According to Business Week, despite peak sales in 2002 when the distinctive pattern was on everything from bikinis to umbrellas, the availability of counterfeit garments and its association with a 'downmarket demographic' created grim sales in 2004. In other words, plaid went bad! Since shifting their focus to top-of-the-line fashion and accessories and relegating plaid to the insides of trenches and bags, shares have soared, however it's only a matter of time until the signature pattern will be a thing of the past. There is no denying the fact that Burberry's Prorsum line is the label to be seen in right now, but getting rid of their signature check? Isn't that like a burger without the bun? Gucci without its G's? Careful Burberry, your need to disassociate yourself with the likes of Victoria Beckham may just cost you!

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