The party’s over for Helen at Australian Fashion Week.

It’s sad to say that Australian Fashion Week is over. Well it’s not entirely sad; it means I no longer have to stand in long queues in heels for over 40 minutes to get into the show venues. You see, covering fashion weeks isn’t all glamour and parties. Not being print media in a 98% print media world in Australia means you mostly get General Admission seating as first priority goes to the print girls. So I was often standing in line while the “VIP print media” people get to swan past with their Marc Jacob heels and toting their Chanel bags (the Chanel Coco Cabas was the most popular).

At least it was amusing to stand and try and pick out what clothes, shoes and bags everyone wore or carried, it almost became my Fashion Week hobby and I was getting quite good at it.

What I will miss is not having to sit in front of a desk all day, and going to fashion shows that are situation right near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The sunny days and warm weather certainly made life quite luxe – especially at the Anna Thomas show where cute men were handing out champagne that had less calories than any other sparkling in Australia!

And that was only Monday! What a great start to the week.

While the week seemed to drag on, it was definitely much more fun as I knew more people this year so I could pretend I was a little social butterfly and say hi to a handful of people.

To get one last look at fashion week, and for some eye candy, check out the YouTube video above.

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