Alice McCall has been a darling of Australian fashion for a few years now, ever since she hit the scene with her pretty but hippy mini dresses embellished with lace and crochet appliqué. Her showing on Thursday afternoon at Australian Fashion Week was always going to be a highlight. The collection was called Welcome to the Dollhouse, and it saw Alice use her usual vintage style hand craft embellishments like lace and crochet appliqué and mixed it with modern fabrics for something a little more modern and futuristic. Neon colours were used like most other designers this week, but she did it with accents and trimmings on the clothes and shoes. Her collection has grown up a little with less floral prints than usual, but I’m sure the pieces will be popular among the hip fashion sets around the world – just think of how funky and stylish Mischa Barton and Chloe Sevigny would look in these pieces.


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