naomilouboutin.jpgWhat a clever girl Naomi Campbell is... not only does she hire a top photographer to follow her around during her stint in community service and snap her from perfect angles but her wardrobe choices were so well-styled that you'd think she'd stepped straight off the runway onto the garage floor. Now those drool-worthy Christian Louboutin boots that she fronted up in on the first day of her community service sentence have reportedly caused a shoe frenzy with the designer receiving 1,2000 orders for the lace-up beauties. "I don't think he was planning to make those boots and now he is," said Campbell. Other items worn during the 'Naomi Campbell Community Service Fashion Show' included a £1,020 Giuliana Tesco coat, £2,560 black leather Burberry jacket and a £15,000 Hermes bag. Product placement in exchange for paparazzi time...? Yes, that's one clever girl indeed.

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