C1.jpgThey came in their thousands, women of different colours, sizes and salaries all united by one motive... a rampant desire for bargains and boy, were they rampant! As Gemma reported, crowds were pushy and doors were broken but that didn't deter some hardcore shoppers, namely me from picking up some fantastic buys. Fatigue and a balloon in my eye (don't ask) didn't stop me from laying my hands on some great items which was lucky as two of my buys sold out within hours! Continue reading to check out what I bought...

Mac1.jpg Cream%20Jacket1.jpg Flats1.jpg

What I bought (L-R): This metallic green mac also came in blue, brown and silver although you were lucky if you saw many of them after 12pm. For £15 it's an affordable take on the sports chic look which is big this season. I picked up this cream smock jacket from a half full rail, my friend loved it and went on to get herself one five minutes later only to find an empty space. Looking remarkably like the Burberry Prorsum Princess smock coat this bargain will save you over one grand at just £20. Finally, these gorgeous peep toe flats also came in a cream/black snakeskin and were a purse friendly £8.

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