womenswear.jpg Vanity sizing. It's when shops assume we're stupid and stick a size 8 label on what should really be a size 10 or larger, in a bid to convince us that hey, we're actually thinner than we thought, and that we better snap up all those flatteringly small labels while we have the chance! Of course, the fact that clothes manufacturers do this will probably come as no surprise. What is surprising is just how many of them are doing it, and the extent to which they're prepared to be economical with their size labels, if not their waistlines.

In a study by The Sunday Times this week, for instance, it was found that many of the high street names are making their clothes up to three inches wider than the size stated on the label. Trousers are the items most commonly "inflated", although dresses and other items don't escape either.

In the study, French Connection was found to be the worst offender (no surprise there - I can't even shop there because their sizes are so strange), with Next (no surprise there either) and Zara also coming in for criticism. So, what do you think? Are these the worst three stores for vanity sizing, or are there others where the size on the label bears no relation to the size on the waist?

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