Last summer I was horrified at the number of shops stocking hideous plastic clogs. And yeah, I know, "they're the most comfortable thing ever" and "it's like walking on air" but fashion just isn't about comfort, if it was we'd all be walking around in tracksuit bottoms and slippers!
Today it was reported in the Guardian that a Swedish hospital is actually banning its staff from wearing Crocs saying they generate static electricity that can knock out medical equipment.

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They have already been blamed for at least three incidents involving respirators (fortunately, nobody was injured).
A spokeswoman for Pforce AB, the Forsberg-controlled company that imports Crocs to Sweden, said the company was performing tests on the shoes.
"We take this very seriously," she said, adding that the shoes were very useful for hospital staff. "They are good to work in and have a shock absorption that really helps people who do strenuous work."