Size Zero isn’t a new phenomenon after all, it seems a 19-year-old Brigitte Bardot could lay claims to being the first. A photograph taken on the beach in Cannes in 1955 shows just how tiny her waist was. “Her waist is so tiny it appears her hands would fit round with a little to spare. In fact a bracelet rather than a belt might have been a more fitting accessory,” David Wilkes on

“Bardot reportedly boasted hour-glass statistics of 36-20-35 in 1956 during the filming of And God Created Woman, the Roger Vadim classic that made her one of the world's best known sex symbols. Other reports suggest her waist was a mere 48cm (19in).”

While the belt looks like it is holding her waist in, it still wouldn’t hold a woman in that much without excess fat rolling over the top or out at the bottom. Also keep in mind that today's models tend to have waists that are about 24 - 27 inches wide, so 20 inches is a little mind boggling!