zacposen.jpgZac Posen has revealed fresh plans to launch a contemporary line of sportswear. Although he has been hinting at the idea since 2005, Posen told WWD this week that he isn't ready to give up on the idea. "We're starting to build it up for next fall. With [a contemporary line], you can really design for a wider demographic. You can build your top line up, and I feel that I can be even more creative. It's faster turnover. It's like MTV. No it's like YouTube," he said. Barry Miguel, Posen president, hinted that the line won't simply be "a level down from the collection" but will have its own look and identity. Using L.A.'s casual approach to fashion, Miguel said that Posen's contemporary range would reflect this as oppose his normal dressy style. The mind boggles at would this will mean for the future of ready-to-wear fashion.

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