victoriabeckham.jpg Victoria Beckham has more or less based her entire career around looking glamorous at all times - but she's just not working hard enough for fashion designer Tom Ford. Vic had the pleasure of sitting next to Ford on a flight recently, and got told off by Gucci's former main man when she tried to slip into something a little more comfortable. Wait, not like that - apparently Victoria likes to change out of her "Posh" gear and get into some snuggly pyjamas when she travels. But Tom wasn't having any of it.

"I told him that I was going to take off all my glam gear off and he said:’ You shouldn’t.’" Victoria told the Daily Mirror. "I though he was joking and was getting ready to change when he said:’ No you really shouldn’t."

Poor Posh claims she was so intimidated by the fashion guru that she spent the 11 hour flight all glammed up. The price of fame, eh?

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