silverpartydress.jpgIt's Thursday morning and the hunt goes on for an outfit to wear to my cousin's 21st birthday party taking place this Saturday. The theme is black and silver and given my penchant for colour and kook, I've nothing in my wardrobe that is remotely suitable. Even worse, despite the wash of silver and black on the high street still nothing tickles my fancy. So, just to make it hard on myself, I've dreamed up my ideal outfit for the occasion... if I had a spare couple £1,000 in my purse, that is. My real wish is that it would all be available in my local Primark for a tenth of the price, here's to dreaming!

3)Louboutin.jpg4)J%20Maskrey.jpg 1) Topman blazer, £70 2)Manoush metallic cotton dress, £185 3)Christian Louboutin platform sandal, $650 4)J Maskrey diamante 'Love' clutch, £615

Metallic in the summer | Little black dress from day to evening