I absolutely love Threadless tees, and always keep an eye on my inbox for news of their $10 sales. There's one running at the moment, so get your shopping in fast to take advantage of a great deal (and surprisingly cheap shipping). Anyone with an eye for graphics can submit a design, and the best ones get printed onto tees for Threadless fans to purchase. I'm a big fan of the quirky slogans ('Shakespeare hates your emo poems', anyone) and the cute cartoon drawings, but couldn't resist being a bit of celeb copycat as well, buying the tee Zach Braff is wearing in this pic. The site says his movie 'The Last Kiss' loves Threadless, but to me that looks like the Scrubs set behind him. Scrubs and Threadless are old friends, with both J.D and Turk wearing threadless tees on screen before. If it's good enough for the doctors at Sacred Heart, it's good enough for me!