Mayhem broke out at the Stella McCartney for Target Australia launch today with girls fighting even before stores opened!

According to, "women pushed their way into the store as the manager opened the security door, telling customers to wait until it was fully open before entering. They paid no heed, sneaking under the door as soon as it began moving. Shoppers grabbed armfuls of clothes amid the madness, like ants crawling all over a crumb".

"A fight broke out as two women in their 20s got too close to one another in their frenzy. A security guard quickly stepped in to cool down the scene, reminiscent of a schoolyard brawl," it was further reported.

Boy, I'm glad I didn't line up! If you're reading this from Australia - did you manage to get your hands on any of the Stella McCartney for Australian Target stuff? Mind you, if you keep your eye on eBay Australia, there should be a piece or 30 on there soon enough.

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