marcjdropdress.JPGThe Guardian ran a story from their archives today about the fashion for thinness. "Protests are growing more frequent in Paris against the fashion of thinness imposed largely by the dressmakers" it starts; drawing comparisons to the "size zero" media frenzy that's been taking place over the last few months. The article first appeared in June 1927 when slimline dresses similar to this Marc Jacobs drop-waisted shift were in fashion, and features gems such as: "It is not given to everyone, for instance, to roll the length of the dining room, 12 times every morning before breakfast without feeling shattered after the event." Like today, they place the blame primarily on dressmakers stating: "The dresses shown by them are tighter than would be worn by any ordinary mortal, and the mannequin could not sit down in them even if there were no danger of creasing them."

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