weeblgirl.jpgDiane VonFurstenberg has always been revered for dressing women in a flattering, body-conscious way, so this dress perplexes me. Though the print is fabulous and the 'dramatic volume' (thanks, Saks) looks amazing in magazine shoots and website advertising, you can't ignore the fact that this shape would make even a slim woman look like a weebl. The shape is not flattering, nor will it ever be, and I was hoping this look would stay on the catwalk and never trickle down to real life. Alas, it has, and if you have $425 you too can hide everything that makes you a woman by balooning printed silk around your middle. Oh Diane, what are we going to do with you...?

Diane Von Furstenberg lips print dress | Dress like Barbie courtesy of DVF | Designer POTW: DVF wrap dress