dvfversusforever21.jpgYou may remember that last week we posted about this Forever 21 Dress and how it had similarities to Chloe's wallpaper-esque black and white trend of 2005. Then, our good friends over at Shopdiary pointed out that it had in fact, been originally designed by Diane Von Furstenberg who in turn, is accusing Forever 21 of directly coping her "Cerisier" shift dress. Confused yet? Well, now it seems that the folks at DFV have had it with chain companies taking creative liberties with their work and have filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 for copyright infringement. The lawsuit also extends to their Aubrey design. At the same time, why just single one company out? DVF could very well sue everyone for copying their creations. We shall keep you posted on the outcome. [Via WWD]