chanelcourtney.jpgCourtney Love is in big trouble with Karl Lagerfeld - and seriously, you really don't want to get on the wrong side of Karl now, do you? Courtney's crime? Well, she was spotted last week at Paris Hilton's birthday party wearing what, at first glance, appeared to be a Chanel dress, from the brands last couture show. Now, I'm guessing seeing Courtney Love in one of his creations would probably have been bad enough for Mr Lagerfeld, but the real problem here is that only one copy of this dress was ever made - and that copy is still in Paris. Courtney's dress, it follows, must be a fake - and Lagerfled & Co. are none too amused by it, especially given that Courtney was styled similarly to their catwalk model too. See after the jump for the real version of that dress.

chaneldress.jpgChanel say they are "investigating" the matter. Courtney's representative, meanwhile, says the dress was one of many sent to Courtney by publicists, and did not have a label.

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