Breaking news: According to Holy Moly, Charlotte Church is officially cheggers, aka with child. No more cheeky vimtos for her then, congrats Charlotte!
Bore da! It's St David's day today, which means a Welsh-themed outfit from me. Dewi Sant as he's known in Welsh was a puritan, vegetarian, clean-living Christian which is far removed from Charlotte Church, my outfit inspiration of the day, but we love her all the more for it. Char is a classic kinda girl, so I'd see her pour her curvy shape into this flowery summer dress. I wouldn't see her in anything other than heels, and these sturdy wedges are just the ticket for summer. The earrings and filigree necklace add a whimsical touch and the subtle metallic bag gently contrasts with the taupe on the dress. See after the jump for product details and the recipe for a Cheeky Vimto Charlotte's favourite drink.

Cheeky Vimto: Pour Blue 'flavour' WKD into a glass with ice, add shot of port. Vomit garnish optional.
Printed summer dress, Monsoon: £85. Peep-toe shoes, Topshop: £50. Heart hoop earrings, Accessorize: £8. Washed metallic bag, Topshop: £30. Filigree collar, Dorothy Perkins: £10.