At first there were Spanx and now there's Tummy Tuck jeans. This may be the best thing to hit the UK in years, the hype has been huge in America and now the supposed revolutionary jeans are expected to arrive in the UK at the end of February. Designed for women with real curves, the Tummy Tuck jeans are made from four per cent Lycra, instead of the usual two per cent. But according the company website, the secret of Tummy Tuck is in the type of weaving which constrains the stretch in the front while giving your butt a lift.

"The fit stays comfortable but allows most women to buy a size or even two sizes smaller than normal and that's quite a selling point," says the website. They also claim to take care of any unsightly muffin-tops by targeting problematic areas including the lower abdomen, hips, and butt. Whether they actually slim your waist remains to be seen but if you're already sold on the idea then you may pre-order from ilovejeans.com. Tummy Tuck jeans retail for £100.

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