A reader recently emailed me asking where they could buy a mustard-coloured wool coat from that belted around the waist and not the hips. Well, after much hunting around I finally found a gorgeous Chloe one on eBay - where else? - current bid £59.99. Just in case you've been on a similar hunt for one yourself lately then above is a small collection of what's available on the market right now. And the best bit is, most of these coats are currently on sale... bonus!

1. Big button pleat coat from ASOS, £52 (reduced from £65). 2. Dorothy Perkins' mustard funnel neck coat, £40 (reduced from £60). 3. Mustard dolly coat from Debenhams, on sale for £49. 4. Miss Real dolly coat, £70. 5. Three buttoned swing jacket, £59 from M&S.

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