Well, it's that time again, folks. It feels like only last week we were casting our critical eyes over the Spring/Summer collections, but New York Fashion Week kicked off last Friday so it's time to do it again, only this time with our Autumn/Winter hats on.

Sass & Bide's models all had their Autumn/Winter hats on anyway - every one of them had some kind of head adornment firmly in place as they paraded the new collection. As for the clothes, themselves, well, they were a bit of a contradiction: on the one hand, lots of traditionally wintry blacks and golds (including a suspiciously tinfoil-like fabric which S&B got a lot of use out of, let me tell you), and on the other, some clothes that wouldn't have looked out of place on the Spring/Summer catwalks. Lots of mini dresses again, but thankfully they're a little more fitted than the ones we've been seeing recently. And is that a pair of white leggings, or do mine eyes deceive?

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