Fans of Anna Sui know she's never going to stray too far from her embellished, grown-up hippy roots. This season she went all out, even throwing in some upholstery for good measure. It's not as instantly appealing as last Winter's collection, and sometimes the embellishment is a bit much even for Sui, but you can't help but stare at the intricate prints, slip-on shift and trapeze dresses and amazing boots...

Teaming paisley silks with fitted knits, wool tights and polo necks, Sui shows us how to layer like a pro. The blue and beige boots are amazing (if only for the show) and I love the colour combination, which makes a change from Autumn / Winter's usual go-to colours of burnt orange and burgundy...

Oops, spoke to soon! Here's those tried-and-tested cold weather colours, vamped up to the max by way of contrasting prints, stripes and serious swirly patterns. The upholstery influence is obvious on the trims, from the curtain-esque fringing on the middle dress to crazy scrunching along the hemline of the right.

Then colours got a bit muted, and the hit-and-miss element of the show shows itself in full form. Though the bejeweled kaftan dress on the left and the wicked belted leopard coat are gorgeous, a Top Gun style boiler suit was probably not the best idea...will you be wearing it this time next year?

Moving on to some more girly dresses. The shapes in this collection are still quite voluminous and sack-like (whether you find that flattering or not probably depends on your body shape!) but the subtle purple/browns and almost Kandinsky-esque prints are very beautiful. I love the accessories too - thigh high boots, lurex tights and knitted tote bags (or maybe crochet, it's hard to tell from so far away) look amazing on the runway.

And finally, some subtle greys for the more reserved,  and an interesting newspaper print shirt dress with a high ruffle neck. Again the layering and styling in this show is brilliant. You couldn't possibly think it was anything other than a Winter show (unlike many that aim at the formalwear market). Even if you're not a fan of Sui's over the top bohemia, you've got to admit she knows how to pull a look together!