Betsey Johnson's look for next Autumn / Winter was, as always, feminine, flirty and pretty, with lots of skirts and dresses, perfectly matched ensembles and prints. However colours were more muted than in previous years, giving interest instead with a plethora of slouchy pussy-bow blouses, girly frocks and feminine fabrics like silk and chiffon.

Johnson's playful side showed itself in a more demure way than usual with sweet satin rosebuds on prom-worthy dresses. Trousers were cut either close to the leg in velvet, or slouchy and '30s style in grey wool. Lace gloves nodded to the '80s and reminded me of Betsey's Desperately Seeking Susan-esque personal style.

There were some prints and colours, of course, and the striped dress (maybe a bit too 'Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat' for me) and tiered purple dress were fun. The pin-up shorts suits were stand-out pieces. Perhaps not so good on those of us without gazelle limbs, but gorgeous on the catwalk (and those shoes will no doubt have Rockabilly fans salivating). 

Lace overlays, chevron zebra stripes and even a touch of last Winter's houndstooth featured in a black and white section of the show that also included some pretty black tea dresses with pale trims and and oversized check coat...and some french maids (!)

Finally, some longer frocks to end the show. The far right aspirin dot white number verged on being a bit too 'I'm a cute virginal milkmaid', but the rest were reliably pretty and wearable.

Photos courtesy of Coutorture, sponsored by ShopStyle.