It’s hard to believe Alexandre Herchcovitch the fashion brand is over 10 years old. His attention to tailoring and movement is flawless, and anyone who manages to excel in the art of good tailoring usually does well for themselves in fashion. But his fall 2007 show featured a few pieces that weren’t as tailored as usual. Like the plastic garbage bag which looked like Herchcovitch had just cut some holes for heads and arms. We know Chanel’s Coco Cabas (garbage) bag in black vinyl was hot, but do more designers have to follow suit?

Looking away from the odd pieces (and Asian farm inspired hats) the rest of the collection was filled with the usual patterns and prints we’ve come to love from Herchcovitch. The smock dresses, shirt dresses, and beautifully tailored coats that could fit perfectly into a fabulously stylish girl's collection. Even if he did dabble in checks (who hasn’t this season?) and the garbage bag look.

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Did you know Herchcovitch redesigned the uniform for McDonald workers in his home town, Brazil? Fast food uniforms may never be as chic again.

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