I think the T-shirt says it all really: we certainly weren't in Kansas any more for the Heatherette show, were we? No prizes, then, for guessing the theme of this one: look, there's Dorothy in her red sparkly shoes! And, er, a giant pink fairy! "Wearable" certainly isn't a word you'd apply to Heatherette here, but they do know how to put on a show, and put on a show they did, with a fairy-tale selection of clothes which would probably be better described as "costumes".


Simplicity was clearly not a key word here, either. Instead, we have lots of heavily embellished garments, from dresses to knitwear. The rubbery, bondage style top of the dress on the right was also fairly typical of the clothes on show - particularly on the men. Gulp. Let's not even talk about the bare buttocks on some of the male models...


Now this is more like it: simple, print shift dresses which, when you take out the stylised presentation (which is, after all, what Heatherette is all about), could actually be quite wearable. Don't forget your hat, though: this was yet another show in this Fashion Week that featured heavy use of head wear.

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