If you like your fashion pretty, prim and polished, then Tuleh is the show for you. Combining modern romance with grown-up chic, this was an infinitely wearable - if slightly unexciting - collection with flashes of colour on a muted backdrop of grey, brown and black.

The unexpected mix of red and purple on the flocked floral dress on the right elicited 'oohs' at Shiny Towers (and not just from the fashionistas) while the retro lip-print adds some quirky personality to a simple shape. A little flash of leopard harks back to past season collections but is timeless to the type of customers this brand is catering for...

Girly romance came in the shape of gorgeous printed coats and diaphanous dresses. Tuleh stuck to the  tried-and-tested tulip skirt for their stand-out peachy gathered chiffon dress (and we're loving the shoes). Tailoring was sleek and three-pieced, but still feminine with high waists, interesting sleeves and slim trousers.  And could this mean the waistcoat is back (again)?

Then came the eveningwear, which was a bit hit and miss. The black and white printed gown was fabulous, though the fur-trimmed space-age offering in the middle could have been given a miss.  Finally, there's a bit of gothic glamour with a full length brocade gown that'll definitely turn heads.