Gareth Pugh told the Metro today about his muse, stylist Katie Shillingford. "I never think of a particular person when I design, but my friend and stylist Katie Shillingford always ends up being my fit model" he said, adding: "I've worked with her for years so her opinion is always respected ... which makes us sound very old. We aren't, by the way." Marios Schwab also named his stylist Tal Brener as a source of inspiration. Henry Holland's muse is model Agyness Dean (above) who he's known since they "grew up together in the back of yonder up North". Whereas Deryk Walker opted for the metaphorical, stating: 'I don' t really have a muse, but I do have characters that I play into my stories ... WIZARD, MACHINE, ORACLE.'

Jeremy Laing's museum muse