Margaret Howell's spring '07 collection has got me wishing for sunny weather. I think I'm a bit young for this look (hmm... not so young!) but I've always been a fan of the Kristin-Scott Thomas type Gallic chic; evoking military dress, hot summers and masculine tailoring. Howell has got some of the best cut high-waisted trousers I've seen, see left and 2nd from left above (apart from perhaps the Chloe crops), and smart touches like the berry shell top (left) bring out the best in navy and camel neutrals. The dress second from left is actually a very dark green, with a khaki trim and a generous heaping of pleats and the print top on the right looks very unstructured but is in perfect proportion with the skirt and belt. I'm going to try this summer to not add a million cheap pieces to my already bursting wardrobe, but to try to make some judicious investment purchases like some of the Margaret Howell items... Eek! Check after the jump for close-ups of two of the outfits.