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As a bit of a 'sad old goff' I was overjoyed to get my hands on an invite to Laura Lees catwalk show, and to meet the lady herself, who was duly presented with a CQ 'I love what you're wearing' badge. And deservedly so; Laura has always hung out at the edgier end of the high street, and I was looking forward to discovering what she'd chosen to embroider skulls, pills and lightening-bolts to this season.

Taking inspiration from tragedy-stricken vocalist Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose promised a new direction for Lees, whose last show majored in oversized polka-dots and girly-gingham. This was to be far more brooding, sedate and sumptuous, though it retained the playfulness at the heart of all Laura's work.

All-over embroidery featured as heavily as ever, only this time it was on black jumper dresses and jumpsuits instead of blue jeans. From a distance (and having failed to blag a front row seat, this was my viewpoint!), the embroidery had a delicate, almost Chinese feel to it, though close up, the familiar razor blades, skulls and pills could be made out. The outfits were set off by large, black ruffles, worn either in the hair or on the sleeves. A new twist for Laura was the addition of candy-striped pinafores. These were patterned with birds, flowers, and decorative razor-wire. Once again, she'd managed to surprise.