There was always the worry with the reinvention of Biba that it would be a bit of a one-season wonder, cleverly timed to fit in with the revival of all things '60s, soon to disappear into the ether after a couple of good seasons. Well, that might not happen, but it's going to be a close call. Bella Freud's collection was definitely inspired by the decade in which the original Biba reigned, but I can't help thinking you can get a lot of this stuff in Miss Selfridge already...

It's not that the clothes were bad by any means. The muted purples were pretty and it would be very difficult for me to dislike a smart '60s inspired collection, but pussy bow blouses, chiffon scarves and mini skirts? We've been seeing all that in Zara, Topshop, Warehouse etc for months now, and beautiful as they were, these clothes weren't enough to justify the hefty new Biba price tag...

I did like the deep plum dress in the middle, and the lazy maxi dresses at the end of the show (not to mention the accessories - oversized hobo bags and bakerboy caps) but again, there was the underlying question - haven't we seen this all before?

These were some of the more interesting pieces - textured furry coats, metallic minis (though the second along looks like it could just as easily come from Mark One as Biba) and a token bit of brocade. But all in all, the collection seemed a bit out of place in London Fashion Week this time around, when it's surrounded by quirky stuff from bright young things.

When Biba was popular in the '60s it sold cutting edge fashion for real people at affordable prices. Now it's looking worryingly like it's just a way of cashing in on a current trend by rehashing old looks at high prices. I'd still love to own something from Biba, but I think seeking out some vintage originals is a better bet than splashing out on the new stuff.