To be honest, I think we're all a bit Christopher Kane-d out at the moment, after the launch of the Topshop line and the accompanying furore. But lest we forget what the man is really about is high fashion, as shown at London Fashion Week, and we couldn't let his mainline collection go by without a bit of ogling. Once again, he's the talk of the tents...

After going for neon brights and lace in his last collection, Kane seemed intent on doing the complete opposite this time around. It was all about heavy leather, thick belts, velvet and two main silhouettes; one the short circle skirt with a variety of fitted bodice tops, the other an Alaïa-esque fitted pencil dress that hugs every curve. Black was prolific, but don't think he forgot about adding flashes of colour...

I'll confess the crushed velvet doesn't do it for me, and the looks that worked were the ones that used it in a subtle way (the leather and velvet dress on the far right might not be a look that'll transfer to real life very well, but it's stunning all the same) . The less said about the blue shirt / jacket the better, however. Everyone is entitled to a couple of mistakes!

Something tells me you can expect to see highly detailed cropped and fitted leather jackets on the high street next Autumn, and the deeper coloured velvet dresses are gorgeous, especially toughened up with heavy leather belts and details on the shoulders and sleeves. There was a surprising amount of sparkle on show too, from tiny crystals on the red velvet dress to huge doorknob sized jewels on dresses and belts. Anything to do with the Swarovski / London Fashion Week link, I wonder?