Day four of London Fashion Week and my house-mate Eliza and I totted off in our very finest to watch the Julia Clancey show. The show was called 'Rich' and that's certainly what you'd need to be (or what you'd look like) in  a stunning Julia Clancey gown. As one of the designers appearing in the off-schedule shows, Julia Clancey's collection strongly reflected her time between Paris and London in a 1920s burlesque style that dazzled the crowds. We thoroughly enjoyed the show despite the delay in getting started (over an hour) didn't they know who we were? Apologies for the shaky camera-work too but it's the best we could manage while still keep our eyes fixated on the pretty sparkles. As you can see we weren't the only ones with the same idea...

Embellished is one word I'd use to describe Julia Clancey's latest collection. Every cocktail frock had some kind of embellishment whether it be embroidery, beads, fringing, bows, buttons, tassels or sequins. Her signature style of baby-dolls and chiffon has certainly evolved to incorporate more mature designs including full length sequin dresses to micro mini shifts with long swinging beads. This was 1920s glamour to the maximum from the pin curled hair to the black satin evening gloves.

Another major feature of the show was the gorgeous and outlandish millinery, supplied by Victoria Grant. Her diamond encrusted helmet (above, left and below) featured in the finale  of the show along with Clancey's silver sequin creation. It was a brilliant way to end the show and had the audience in applause. Her choice to use a variety of different details definitely helped to pin down her theme of decadence and desirability. I for one, was left wanting the whole collection for myself!