It was boy meets girl, or perhaps girl meets boy at the Noir show on day one of London Fashion Week. According to designer Peter Ingwersen, his fourth collection for the label was a "celebratory tribute to free thinking, self-invention, sexual emancipation, and glamorous decadence," and that it certainly was. Models opened the show with what was once (a very, very long time ago) considered strictly male attire - shirts and ties, braces, woollen trenches and even a black cape. Matched with heels and capris that included Swarovski crystals, the designs were lifted to give a feminine, modern edge.

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But it wasn't all about the trousers, with plenty of skirt action streaming down the mirrored runway. Ingwersen's collection also featured black shirt dresses and high waisted skirts with feminine blouses including pussy bow neckties. However, the best was certainly left to last when Erin O'Connor and Lily Cole were let loose in a organza gown with a giant flower planted on the shoulder and a sheer gold open front draped gown, respectively. I guess that's where the "glamorous decadence" came into the equation!