Over the next month may be one of last chances you have to grab yourself a winter coat from Zara. Now, while I haven't always heard the best reports about their coats (buttons tend to fall off, etc) as you can see from the images above, they do have some wonderful styles. I particularly love the black and white overcoat (above, right) with wide waist belt. Although if you're like me then you may be thinking more towards spring at this stage of the year. Nevertheless, with London's unpredictable weather you can never be without more than one winter coat!

Oh the curse of a £50 Zara voucher! | The Best Winter Coats | Casual Winter Coats

L-R: 1. 1960s round collar overcoat, £139. 2. 1960s large button swing coat, £89. 3. Black and white woollen overcoat with waist belt, £149.