The latest unlikely fashion inspiration are eccentrics Edith and 'little Edie' Bouvier, the aunt and first cousin of Jackie O. Once part of Manhattan's glittering social scene, Big Edie's wayward behaviour which included singing in dowtown nightclubs estranged her from her husband. Little Edie was no angel either, running away from home numerous times and once the two women were cut off by their family they retired to a mansion in the Hamptons. Grey Gardens, the 1975 documentary of their lives taken from the name of the house was made into a musical in 2002. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange are set to star in the remake to be released this year so get ready for Grey Gardens to be the word on everybody's lips. I've picked out a Grey Gardens style outfit to bring out your eccentric side.


Little Edie was partial to wearing headscarves, swimsuits and fur coats, all at once! I won't go that far but Marni's dress from Browns (£490) has the perfect 'rummaging in the dressing up box' feel. A headscarf is essential, and Topshop's £6 Scallop headscarf is very summery and their £8 lace tights kook it up a notch more. These cute Marc Jacobs pumps are just the thing to match the dress, £150 from Kurt Geiger. Top off the look with So Charmed's deliciously unique Medicine Jar necklace ($165) but make sure not to start collecting cats, newspapers or jars of string!


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