Got yourself a hot date for tonight? If so then we hate you... kidding, not really. If Valentine's Day didn't provide enough romance for you then this outfit will surely get the boy(s) a running - to you, not away of course. It's retro, it's fun and best of all it's got some splashes of colour to keep things interesting. Plus it's just another reason why I wish I lived in America, I mean check out this Forever 21 dress... cocktail, anyone?

L-R: 1. Forever 21 "Miss Smith" dress, $22.80 2. Mary Jane Peep-toe courts, £55 from Shellys. 3. Oasis '60s swing coat, £60. 4. Oasis felt brooch beret, £5. 5. Dorothy Perkins' silver clutch, £5. 6. Opaque coloured tights, £4.99 from

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