Fcuk_7While Gemma might be on the campaign to "bring back the dress", FCUK have come up with some cool street-wear aimed at the less girlish amongst us. Their slim "midnight" jeans (£65) are the focal point of each outfit proving that the skinny jean is still a hot seller.
On the left: This outfit is very much what you might see my good self get about in. The jeans have been matched with a fitted shirt that has been tapered at the waist (£35) and a beret (£15) - my all time favourite hat!
On the right: Once again the jeans are in play this time they're teamed with a printed grey cardi (£65), black shirt with slight detail (£40) and a trucker hat. I particularly like how in both outfits the shirts have been tucked in. Oh the pumps are also available from FCUK for £45.

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