Stuck for what to wear tonight on your hot Valentine's date? Then French Connection's aptly named "Love" dress is just the ticket, for a number of reasons... well actually four reasons...


Keep reading over the cut to find out what they are!

Is this French Connection Shift the Dress of the Year? | French Connection Sale Picks

1. It'll keep you warm: With its long-sleeves and scoop neck you can still keep warm in the blistering London cold (but do make sure to shiver every now again in order to get closer to your squeeze for extra warmth, works a charm!)
2. It's versatile: You can wear on its own with a cute pair of pumps or over tights and boots if it's cold. Tip - we suggest the latter for this evening's plans.
3. It's very "in" right now: The '60s style, the geometric print, it all screams "yes, I'm one heck of a fashionable girl and you should be lucky to date me!"
4. It hides: This should have possibly been number 1, considering that no matter how much you fill your face with chocolates and bubbly tonight this little beauty will hide it all. That's sold me!

Happy V-Day everyone!!