Viv_of_holloway2_2 'Cult' styles like Punk, Fetish and Goth make regular appearences on the catwalk, and the more extreme fringes of fashion will always inspire the looks that make it on to the high street. To a great extent, it's the quirks that define the norm.

And since 2000, alternative fashion has had a show of its own: London Edge, which took place at London's Olympia this week. It's a twice-yearly melting pot of all these styles and more in their rawest forms, attracting a crop of fresh interest and talent year after year.  We paid a visit today, and  amid all the spikes, chains and corsetry, found some highly individual and wearable items.

This fabulous, fifties-inspired dress is by Vivien of Holloway caught my eye in particular, and while we're on retro prints, Brighton-based independent Get Cutie unveiled their new range for the summer at the show, available soon online. It've guessed it...another very pretty butterfly print!