Miss Katie's designs are at the more extreme end of the lingerie market, but her beautiful corsets and skirts are once in a lifetime purchases. This pale blue and cream girdle corset (above left) is simply gorgeous but you'll need a sugar daddy or an MBA to afford the £300 price tag. Anatomic Bomb produce latex clothing for the fetishists among you; from dresses to lingerie and uniforms every item is named after burlesque performers like 'Marilyn Moron'. Their 'Miss World' girdle with hearts above right, is probably at the tamer end of the scale and will set you back £190. For something a little bit more conventional Buttress and Snatch, an all-girl operation working producing Burlesque inspired undies from their Hackney workshops. I really want their 'Ruchadoo' pants, so cute, so sexy and made from stretch satin silk. Their 'Brigitte Bardot' bra and pants set is also very nice, and features adjustable drawstrings enabling you to hide the frills, so no-one can tell what you've got under your jeans!

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